Couples Counseling:

counseling approachesMost couples come in when they are really in trouble and are usually eager to begin growing closer to each other. Typically, I hear, “We need to learn to communicate!” I like to give them tools I call CONNECTORS that allow them ways to enhance both individuals. Money, sex, and children are what I refer to as the big three concern areas that are underlying focal points for couples. When I see a couple growing closer and connecting right before my eyes, I get goose bumps and I realize why I enjoy what I do so very much. In 24 years I continue to eagerly anticipate a new couple’s arrival and growth!
Some people say to me, “How can you stand it hearing people complain to you all day?” I look at this a bit different. I love to watch an angry, terrified or bitter couple grow until they work me out of a job and move on and live a long happy married life. A satisfied couple will tell all their friends about the wonderful caring journey they’ve had, as that’s the best compliment you can give me.


Mild, moderate or sever depression hurts. I’ve never heard anyone who is or has been depressed say it was no big deal or it was fun. When someone comes to my office depressed/sad or down, we discuss things they can do. Depressed people rarely feel like doing anything. They usually end up staying in bed, locked in their house, or staring at the television. When they learn there are countless ways to help their depression and they are in control, they get a heavy dose of hope.

Drugs and Alcohol:

I usually get a call from a loved one of an alcoholic or addict. They are usually desperate for relief from the craziness that drugs inflict in their lives.
I have been a drug/alcohol counselor and director of three outpatient clinics. I enjoy helping young and old alike learn tools to assist them in their recovery and reconnection with loved ones, place of employment, and possibly health issues. To quote and old mentor of mine who referred to himself as an old drunk, “I like helping drunks and dopers.” Gambling, sexual issues, spending addictions, and compulsion are other areas I am fluent. It’s fufillling to see people free.